INTRODUCING STALWARTBUCKS: I'm Launching My Own Digital Currency

Forget Bitcoin. Forget Litecoin. Forget Dogecoin.

It’s time for a new digital currency that has some real view.

PRESENTING: Stalwartbucks.

Along with my friend Guan Yang, today I’m proud to announce a brand new digital currency that everyone can mine or trade.

See, one of the cool things about this new world of digital currencies is that they’re all based, for the most part, on open-source technology. So all you have to do is copy the code of someone else, get some servers running, and voila, anyone can start creating the currency by having their computer solve maths problems.

We’re launching Stalwartbucks (SBX) for two reasons.

One is that it’s an experiment in learning about crypto-currencies, and how they work. What better way to learn about how they operate than to launch one of your own, and actually see the guts of it?

But also this is an attempt to create something of real value that serves an economic purpose.

Once every month, Guan and I will go out to get Korean barbecue — our favourite food to eat together — and invite a third person along who wants to talk about economics and technology (two of our favourite subjects). Of course, to buy your way into this dinner, you’ll have to pay using Stalwartbucks. Thus, unlike Bitcoin, we’re instantly creating a floor in the value of the coins by dint of the fact that they’ll be redeemable for something of real value.

Furthermore, I plan to auction off one post a month, where I will write on the topic of your choice: Again, you’ll have to pay in Stalwartbucks.

And hopefully it’s not just me. Other Twitterers, writers, pundits, and so forth will be encouraged to help create a thriving ecosystem whereby people can redeem their Stalwartbucks.

So go check out the website, download the wallet (only for Mac right now), start mining, and start trading them.

There will be some bugs and kinks for now. And you can ping @guan on Twitter if you have any issues. But hang with us, and we’ll see how this goes.

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