Introducing: Google's Newest Mobile Operating System, Jellybean

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Jellybean is Android’s fastest mobile operating system.

400 million Android Devices are now in the wild. There are now 1 million Android devices activated every single day. 12 Android devices every second of every day.

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Jellybean will feature:

  • Project Butter (VSync, Triple Buffering, Touch responsiveness)
  • much higher frame rate
  • smoother & consistent user experience
  • home screen revamp featuring improved widgets (automatic resizing)
  • improved predictive keyboard guesses the next word before you type it
  • voice typing even with no data connection
  • review photos quickly
  • You can call someone back from the missed call notification itself.
  • built-in voice search (Siri killer!)
  • Google Now, right information at the right time. The phone now predicts things for you. Such as when the next bus is coming, alternative routes for drivers in case there is traffic, real-time sports updates, and more.
  • New YouTube app

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