Introducing Australia’s new trend setting shoppers: Gen Z men — and their mates

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Retailers have turned their attention to future shoppers, those Gen Z aged between 18 and 22, who will in the future have a large influence on the way goods are sold in Australia.

And it turns out they like to shop in stores (87%) as well as online (79%), according to the AMP Capital Shopping Centres’ annual Recommended Retail Practice Report.

“They’re social creatures, drawn to the face-to-face, touch-and-feel contact that in-store shopping provides,” the report says.

They tend to first to research (61%) and check stock availability (83%) online and then go into a store (87%) to buy.

And they like to shop with friends (53%).

The research also confirms Australians are ethical shoppers willing to invest in sustainable brands.

And male Gen Z shoppers are the new trend setters when it comes to fashion.

Almost half (46%) of male Gen Z shoppers say they are more interested in staying ahead of popular trends than their female counterparts (36%).

Here’s what the Gen Z male shoppers say:

Source: AMP Capital

The men say they are more confident (56%) when shopping with others, far higher than other generations.

“The research highlights the importance of developing fun, social experiences in-store and the opportunities that emerge once brands and retailers align their online and offline offerings,” says Mark Kirkland, managing director of AMP Capital Shopping Centres.

The Recommended Retail Practice Report includes an online survey of a 1,169 participants in Australia and 541 in New Zealand.