Keith Olbermann Gives The Ultimate Twitter Account Of Today's Snowpocalypse


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Lucky for all of us he didn’t ‘suspend‘ his Twitter account indefinitely.

Over the last 24 hours Keith Olbermann, er, braved New York City’s snowmageddon to provide a fairly comprehensive view of the snowstorm from Twitter.

Olbermann begins by tweeting out pics of New York pre-blizzard (“KO’s Pre-Blizzard NYC No. Last: The Ultimate Mixed Message Of A Snowstorm”) and finishes up today with a flurry of post-blizzard tweets.

For the uninitiated KO stands for Keith Olbermann.

Here is a sampling. 

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Pre-Blizzard NYC No. Last: The Ultimate Mixed Message Of A Snowstorm

@KeithOlbermann: OK, late night blizzard shot. This is not a grainy image. The fuzziness is the blowing snow

@KeithOlbermann: And the most bizarre image yet: flames, mid blizzard, 64th Street

@KeithOlbermann: The same fire, more of a zoom. Seems to be out now but for a while black smoke mixed with the wind driven snow

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 1 Traffic Is Light on 3rd

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 2: At Least The Police Can... Never mind

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 3: The Bus Chaos. Burned Hampton Jitney At Right

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 5: The Burned Bus

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 7: A Reminder - As The Bus Burned

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 8: Ample Parking Day And Night

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 9: Not That Much Clearance

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 10: Clouds Of Blowing Snow Visible - From Queens

@KeithOlbermann: KO's Post-Blizzard NYC No. 11: 59th St Bridge With Blowing Snow Behind It

@KeithOlbermann: How a mighty blog has sunk into triviality RT @tvnewser What was Keith Olbermann Wearing whilst Tweeting the Storm?

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