Here's Your Guide To 15 Key Economy-Altering Events Coming In The Future

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Photo: a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand via Flickr

August was an ugly month for the markets and for the economy in general.Time to start fresh in a new month, with the summer nearly over.

So to help you, we’ve checked over at InTrade to check out the odds of key economic, political, and geopolitical events that could move the markets.

If you believe in the wisdom of crowds at all, it’s worth taking a quick look.

Will we see a VAT in the US? 15% chance

Will BP file for bankruptcy this year? 4% chance

Will the Congress implement cap & trade by the end of 2012? 40% chance

What about 2013? 50% chance

Will Sarah Palin run for President? 67% chance

Will US unemployment pass 11% this year? 6% chance

What about 10? 20% chance

Will New York State default? 5% chance

Will the US credit rating be downgraded next year? 30% chance

Will any euro member drop out of the currency system by 2014? 41% chance

What about by next year? 25% chance

Will there be an airstrike on Iran this year? 11% chance

Will Democrats hold the Senate? 66% chance

Will the GOP take the house? 78% chance

Will the GOP take the Presidency back in 2012? 40% chance

And for more what's going to happen in the future

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