Here Is What Is Going To Happen In All Of The Key Political Races Tomorrow


Everyone agrees that the the GOP is going to romp tomorrow.

The only question is: How big will the domination be?

We’ve consulted InTrade to get the odds on all the big races and the overall Congressional outcomes.

The GOP is basically a lock to take the house. Technically the odds are over 90%.

There's an outside chance of a 70+ seat gain for the GOP, but the odds are just above 25%

It looks like Harry Reid is toast. Hello Senator Angle.

Barbara Boxer survives!

Sadly, we will not be graced with Sen. Christine O'Donnell

Get ready for Senator Rand Paul. He's dominating this race.

It doesn't look like the GOP will be taking over the Senate, though the odds are still above 30%.

Linda McMahon won't be bringing her pro-wrestling experience to The Senate

Obama's old Senate seat -- currently held by Roland Burris -- will probably go GOP.

Andrew Cuomo will win easy over Carl Paladino

And in California, Schwarzenegger will be replaced by Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown.

Think InTrade is full of BS?

Meanwhile, stats god Nate Silver sees 90%+ odds of Democrats holding the House, and just 16% of Democrats holding the Senate.

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