I Just Witnessed The New Beatlemania -- And It Was Insane

This year has been marked by the rise of the YouTube star.

People are noticing that YouTube is creating the next generation of mega media stars, who are making millions.

Last week, I flew to LA from NYC to attend an event called INTOUR, put on by Fullscreen, to see what it was like when 15 famous YouTube stars (most of them very cute teenage boys) showed up to perform and hang out with thousands of their fans (most of them young teenage girls.)

Because the fans are minors, all tickets came with a free ticket for a parent or guardian.

The parents milled around, seemingly super confused as to why their daughters were shrieking and crying over these young kids that the majority of the world has never heard of. But it was amazing.

After spending the day with the talent and the fans, one thing was clear: YouTube celebrity is a culture of access, unlike Hollywood A-listers that remain untouchable.

These kids want to be friends with their fans, they all took the time to say hi, take selfies, and give hugs. As I completed interview after interview with these young stars on the rise, one thing was clear: they were humble to a fault, and really interested in spreading a message that being yourself is the best thing you can be.

What better idea to send to young and impressionable kids?

I arrived at the Pasadena Convention Center in Los Angeles at 8 a.m.

The folks who had bought VIP tickets had been waiting for hours already.

Everyone got a purple wristband.

Parents had to accompany their underage children.

Most of the ticket holders were teenage girls between 12 and 15-years-old.

These two girls met on Twitter because they both followed the @InTOUR account.

They decided to come to the event together. (Not pictured: both of their mums!)

It was going to be a jam-packed day full of performances and skits from famous YouTube stars (who most adults have never heard of.)

There were gift bags.

And bean bag chairs set up for tired parents (the VIP line is waiting patiently behind the glass windows.)

Finally it was time for the meet-and-greet.

Everyone got a meet-and-greet card to meet a famous YouTuber.

People got autographs. On the right is Sam Tsui, a singer/songwriter who does covers and original songs on YouTube. He has millions of followers.

There were signs! (These were really cool.)

Even the parents had signs.

OK, the signs were technically his daughter's. But what a good dad!

There were lots. Of. Selfies. (On the right is Lohanthony, with 2.7 million Twitter followers and millions more on YouTube.)

Lots of selfies. On the left is Charity Vance, singer/songwriter, with millions of views on all of her videos.

The mums were tasked with taking lots of photos.

Sam Tsui and a fan after he performed on stage.

For a screaming crowd.

Stars poured water over other stars' heads.

The crowd of crazy girls was so loud you couldn't hear your own thoughts.

This is JC Caylen. He has 1.7 million YouTube subscribers. He impressed a SCREAMING crowd of teens with a back flip.

Stars played musical chairs.

Actually, it was called 'INTENSE MUSICAL CHAIRS.'

The crowd was dying for a chance to touch the YouTube stars. The adults mostly just looked confused.

We don't know what's going on here.

Or here! (This was a other gender clothes swap. On the left is Ricky Dillon and on the right is JennXPenn aka Jenn McAllister.)

The winner!

JC Caylen hopped down into the crowd. It was deafening.

During breaks, the stars all hung out in the press room. They're all friends in real life! Many of them met via YouTube.

The after party was sponsored by Taco Bell.

Taco Bell...


The DJ was 'really good and played good songs,' teens told Business Insider.

There was lots of time for fans and stars to mingle and take selfies.

And hug!

This lucky fan was even allowed to plant a kiss on her favourite internet celebrity.

Everyone had fun.

Our eardrums would tell you a different story.

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