Jessica Simpson Is Spending HOW Much On Baby's Birth?

Jessica Simpson reportedly spending $2 million on baby’s upcoming arrival.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images

Yes, Jessica Simpson is still pregnant.And when the “Fashion Star” gives birth in a few weeks, it will be no small affair.

In Touch reports that the pop star is allegedly spending a whopping $2 million on the birth of her baby. 

Apparently, Simpson will be spending all of that money on renting out a floor of the hospital Beyoncé-style, who spent $1.3 million giving birth to baby Blue Ivy at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Simpson will be hiring “30 armed guards” for $1.3 million to protect the baby after she delivers. 

A “pal” of Simpson’s says the singer is “terrified of kidnapping” and that the head of security had to brief the family on rules for the birth. 

So how exactly is Simpson going to recoup these expenditures? 

By selling her baby’s photos to the highest bidder of course. In Touch also claims Simpson wants to sell pictures of the baby for upwards of $4 million. 

Money ain’t a thang.

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