The Diary Of Australia's Ex-Foreign Minister Bob Carr Contains These Priceless Entries About US Politicians

Kerry CarrAP / Vincent ThianJohn Kerry, left, with Bob Carr, right, at the Brunei East Asia Summit, July 2, 2013. Brunei’s foreign minister stands in the middle.

Former Australian Senator Bob Carr isn’t afraid of making fun of himself or other people. Earlier this year, the experienced Australian politician published his diaries after an 18-month stint as Foreign Minister.

CarrUniversity of New South Wales PressIn his diary, Bob Carr muses on the diet and discipline of President Obama, the ‘triumph’ of John Kerry’s plastic surgery, and ‘swivel-eyed neo-cons’ who have bankrupted America.

Carr’s “Diary of a Foreign Minister commented on issues ranging from his frustration with pro-Israel lobbyists and international crises, to his perennial struggle to find enough protein in airline food and achieve a “concave abdomen defined by deep-cut obliques.”

Despite being released in April and receiving widespread coverage in Australia, little has been reported in the U.S. on Carr’s intimate observations about American politicians including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Kerry.

Business Insider combed Carr’s book and picked out some of the juiciest revelations.

Kerry: supporting Palestine “fine by him”

This is perhaps the biggest bombshell in the book. Carr successfully pushed his government to support a UN vote to recognise Palestine as a State, and the vote succeeded despite America’s opposition.

In response, Israelis announced new construction projects on occupied Palestinian land, even though America had called for restraint.

When Carr met with Kerry, the Secretary said Australia’s “yes” vote was “fine by him,” according to Carr’s diaries.

Carr said Kerry then went further, saying, “If the vote were held today the Israelis wouldn’t get a vote from anyone except themselves.”

Netanyahu kerry

Biden is running…

Australia’s Ambassador to the U.S. thinks Biden is too addicted to politics to stay out of the 2016 race, even if it means a certain loss to Hillary.

“Yes, he’ll run for President,” Ambassador Kim Beazley reportedly told Carr. “He just enjoys politics and campaigning so much. He’ll run even against Hillary. Even if he knows he’s going to lose.”

Clinton CarrAP / Matt RourkeSecretary Clinton shakes hands with Senator Carr after touching down in Perth, Australia, on Nov. 13, 2012. Carr writes about his embarrassment at flying Clinton out to Perth, the world’s most remote city, in order to boost a fellow Senator’s electoral prospects there.

… and Hillary already has a Secretary of State nominee

Kurt Campbell — outgoing Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs for the U.S. — had a revealing breakfast with Carr in March 2013.

At that time, he was travelling around Asia sending messages on behalf of the administration before “he slides off into private life.”

Carr wrote, “That means making some money before joining Hillary’s campaign and becoming her Secretary of State in 2017. As, apparently, he will.”

John Kerry apparently had plastic surgery

Carr admired Kerry’s “baby-fresh skin,” he wrote in his diaries. But when they first met, Carr “noticed something about the skin under John Kerry’s eyes, smooth and slightly discolored.”

A month later, he saw Kerry again. He wrote, “The surgical scars under his eyes I noticed in April have faded in a triumph of American cosmetic surgery.”

Retired U.S. Ambassador Frances Cook later apologized for bruises under her eyes. “She and everyone in politics, she explains, have plastic surgery — navy secretaries, congressmen, senators take cosmetic-surgery holidays in Thailand or South Africa,” he wrote.

ObamaREUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Leader of the Slim People of America: Barack Obama.

Obama has the steely resolve to avoid sugar, carbs, and fat

At the G20 in Moscow, the leaders ate a “delicious” dinner together.

Carr, who also described Secretary Kerry as “lanky” and “lean” after copping a feel of his arms during a photo-op, was clearly impressed by Obama’s dietary discipline.

“I veer towards eating everything but notice the steely resolve of President Obama, Leader of the Free World and Leader of the Slim People of America: anything with sugar, carbs or fat in it he pushed to one side,” Carr wrote.

Conservative elite really do think Obama is a socialist

Henry Kissinger got Carr an invitation to Bohemian Grove, where the Bohemian Club holds an annual all-male camp for some of America’s richest and most powerful men — the vast majority of whom are Republicans.

After many conversations, Carr remarked that among the elite gathered there “Obama is seen as a socialist transforming — not perverting — the American system.”

Biden Laugh Joe, 17 June 2014

Biden is a riot

On their first meeting, Biden offered a “flamboyant” welcome, declaring Carr’s advisor could be president “with hair like that.”

Biden began the meeting by pretending that America was ditching its recently announced strategic defence “pivot” to strengthen Asian alliances.

“He carried on with boisterous irony about how America was ‘abandoning the Pacific,’ the rebalance wasn’t going ahead, America was pulling out of Asia. Blah, blah, blah,” Carr wrote. Then, having “had his fun,” Biden then got down to business and was “embracing, ebullient, knowledgeable.”

In the meeting, which occurred several months after the shooting of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary, Biden said he admired Australia’s efforts on gun control and wished the U.S. could do the same.

Hillary would make a great president

“Any time with Hillary is pure champagne, pure quality,” Carr wrote.

He found her “bright-eyed and engaged,” writing that “there’s no doubt in my mind that she’d be a breezily confident president. Speaking with authority and interesting to her electorate.”

Carr also wrote with sympathy about her treatment by the press in the 2008 Democratic primaries, and with admiration about her fiery performance in debates.

Bush Cheney RumsfeldAP / Pablo Martinez Monsivais‘Swivel eyed neo-cons and ultra-nationalists’: Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney bankrupted the country and drained its military strength, according to Carr.

“Swivel-eyed” Republicans bankrupted the country

After a speech by President Obama to the United Nations, Carr noted, “I was stuck by how good the U.S. leadership can be at its very best. Of course, in writing this I have to banish from my mind the swivel-eyed neo-cons and ultra-nationalists: George W., Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and the ghost train of Fox News horrors.”

After 9/11, “America allowed itself to be taken over by blood-in-the-eye instincts. A coalition of ultra-nationalists and neo-cons clawed their way to the ascendancy and quickly set off two wars… they bankrupted the country and drained its military strength.”

Condoleezza Rice lives in faded glory

Carr visited former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to pick her brains on foreign policy. He wrote, “This is the way a career a secretary of state for a disastrous president ends up: in a room filled with memorabilia, including signed photos of your boss, George W. Bush.”


AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Carr muses that Petraeus may have been the victim of ‘a plot by the fat people of America against a greyhound-fit public servant’.

Obama, Petraeus, Kerry, and Prince Charles belong to “the elite of the flat-stomached”

After meeting Prince Charles, Carr wrote “like Obama, Petraeus and Kerry (and his father, the Duke) he belongs to the elite of the flat-stomached: men who’ve looked at the prospect of swelling belly fat and settled on strategies to stay slim.”

He also had an interesting theory on the resignation of then director of the CIA, David Petraeus after news emerged of his extramarital affair: “The New Puritanism claims everyone in its sights. Or maybe it was a plot by the fat people of America against a greyhound-fit public servant who could run rings around them.”

Leaders meetings can be really boring

At a G20 leaders meeting, Carr confessed to exhaustion and started to imagine Brazilian samba music. “Slightly delirious, I indulge a fantasy of the world leaders moving from behind these tables, linking one another in a conga line and led by Putin — with Obama clutching his hips,” he wrote.

At the Asian Regional Forum in 2012, Senator Carr also noted that Secretary Clinton was dozing off during the meeting.

Attached imageAP / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisPresident Obama and Senator Carr attend a G-20 Working Session at the Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sept. 5, 2013. Only Carr could hear the samba music.

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