SXSW Attendees Rip Into Twitter CEO's Keynote

SXSW hated Umair Haque

Twitter CEO Ev Williams just delivered the keynote address at SXSW.

It did not go well.

(Remember Sarah Lacy’s horrible interview keynote with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2008? This was worse)

The problem — apart from the news out of Twitter being much less exciting than expected — was the interviewer, Harvard Business Review’s Umair Haque.

Umair is in the “thought leader” business. His writing generally draws more than its fair share of criticism for being heavy on buzzwords and light on substance, but he has a large base of supporters as well.

The reaction to his performance at SXSW was much more one-sided. Numerous reports had a large portion of the audience walking out in the middle of the address. And for many, the most entertaining part of the Umair/Ev event was the stream of insulting tweets that started almost as soon as the event began.

See what people had to say about the SXSW keynote >

Even Ev didn't know what to make of Umair

'Betterness' is never the word you're looking for.

The HBR writer probably isn't used to being insulted in lolspeak.

Ev was checking his watch?

Even Guy Kawasaki didn't want to be at the SXSW keynote *that* badly.

Could technological failure have saved this event?

A 50% walkout rate is not good.

Acting like Umair will get you punched.

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