INSTANT MBA: Even If You're Happy With Your Job, Interview For Another

Dave Alberga, ACTIVE Network

Photo: Dave Alberga

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Dave Alberga, CEO of ACTIVE Network:“I firmly believe that people should interview when they are happy with their current job position. The benefit of this strategy for the individual employee is evident—[and] you will make a smarter career decision.”

Employees who feel they have nowhere else to go are more likely to be unhappy in their current jobs, says Alberga. He believes it’s a good idea to interview for other positions, even if you are satisfied with your job. The conscious choice to stay where you are, rather than leaving, will reaffirm your connection to your workplace.

Alberga says a company should be flexible and encourage their employees’ growth, even at other jobs. If their staff remains in their current positions, it means they are choosing to be there, and will be better, more productive workers as a result.

“Employees [should] come to work every day knowing they have a choice and that they’re making the right one by working for your company. At the end of the day, I want to work with people who know what they’re worth, understand the value they bring to the organisation and choose to be here.”

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