'Your interracial family is not welcome here': California couple sent anonymous letter telling them to move away as 'this is not the ghetto'

KRON4Vacaville homeowner Marc Yu spoke to KRON4 about the anonymous and racist letter.
  • A Californian family of seven were sent a racist and bigoted letter telling them their “interracial family” wasn’t welcome in “our area.”
  • Marc Yu, born in San Francisco and of Chinese and Filipino descent, posted the anonymous letter on Facebook Wednesday.
  • It said: “Renters like yourselves cannot possibly afford a home in our area.” It continued, saying: “This isn’t the ghetto.”
  • Yu’s post spread far and wide online, and neighbours turned up at their home in Vacaville to say they were most welcome in the town.
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A family of seven in California were sent a racist and condescending letter telling them their “interracial family” wasn’t welcome because their neighbourhood “isn’t the ghetto.”

“We may sound harsh, but your interracial family is not welcome here,” a letter addressed to Marc Yu and his wife Sandy said.

Yu posted it on Facebook, where it spread and was met with an torrent of support for the family and equally fierce criticism of the author.

Yu is of Chinese and Filipino descent and his wife is from Mexico. Yu told local broadcasters KRON4 they’d moved to Vacaville in November.

The letter said: “We will contact your landlord and tell them to evict you if you don’t vacate in the next 60 days.”

Yu, who was born in San Francisco, wrote: “It’s 2019. This is what came in the mail sticking out my mailbox.”

“I own my home so I can’t wait for them to contact the “Landlord”.

“I can’t believe this s— still happens,” he added.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported neighbours came knocking at the Yu’s when they saw the letter to say they were more than welcome in Vacaville, and to ignore the bigoted letter.

The letter, written in typewriter font said: “The community is making this request that you find another place to live.”

“Renters like yourselves cannot possibly afford a home in our area.”

VacavileKRON4The Yu’s home in Vacaville, California.

The letter then attacked the Yu family for not maintaining their front lawn. “This isn’t the ghetto,” it said.

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The author finished: “For my protection, I will remain anonymous, but the clock is ticking.”

Mailbox Yu vacavilleKRON4The Yu’s mailbox, where her found the letter.

“My wife cried,” Yu told KRON4. “She was really devastated by it.

“She almost literally said “we need to sell our house.” And I said “why?”.”

Yu said he and Sandy aren’t going anywhere. “If I were to relay a message to this person it would be just leave us alone. Mind your own business,” he said.

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