Internode Founder Simon Hackett Has Joined The NBN Co Board

Simon Hackett

The Coalition Government has appointed three more executives to the NBN Co board, which now comprises former Telstra executives Ziggy Switkowski and Justin Milne, Internode co-founder Simon Hackett and three members who also worked for NBN Co under Labor.

Milne, Hackett and NBN Co’s former head of construction Patrick Flannigan joined Alison Lansley, Kerry Schott and chairman Switkowski on the board today.

Today’s announcement comes after reports that Switkowski, previously CEO of Telstra, recruited a number of his former colleagues to fill some of NBN Co’s top roles – a move that could help it negotiate better, cheaper access to the incumbent’s infrastructure.

The AFR reports that Hackett will resign from the board of internet service provider iiNet – which bought Internode in 2011 – at the end of the month as a result of the NBN Co appointment.

Switkowski has resigned from the boards of Opera Australia and miner Lynas Corporation since being appointed NBN Co chair. He continues to chair Suncorp although the Australian Shareholders’ Association has called for him to step down.

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