Internet TV Sceptics Need To Check Out How The Fine Brothers Run Their YouTube Show

Sceptics of Internet-as-television will want to pay attention to the Fine Brothers as they launch the second season of their Web video series, “MyMusic.”

The real-life brothers began entering feature films in festivals as teenagers and they now sit at the controls of a heavily trafficked YouTube channel that boasts more than five million subscribers.

With a track record already clearly demonstrating clearly that they can keep an audience engaged, the Fine brothers got funded by YouTube to generate content as part of the site’s $US100 million original channel initiative.

The brothers will pull together and incorporate various forms of digital media to keep people hooked on “MyMusic” by way of what they call “transmedia,” or storytelling enhancements. Characters will reference online and real-world happenings, respond to comments, respond to voicemails, and the like.

This very well may be what the future of the sitcom looks like in the era of nearly-ubiquitous broadband. Check out the season two premiere below:

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