The internet is desperately trying to solve this disturbing puzzle that was hidden inside a CD found on a park bench

The internet loves creepy puzzles with occult overtones — and now there’s a new one spreading through message boards and social media.

The sleuthing began when Johny from allegedly received an anonymous CD in the mail from Poland.

Stored on the CD was a black-and-white video of a man dressed from head to toe in black robes and wearing a mask that doctors used while treating the Plague.

While the figure in the video doesn’t say anything, the video does contain a warbling sound that seems to be a code of sorts, and there is a blinking light in the cloaked figure’s hand that also suggests a hidden message.

Of course, the internet quickly dove headfirst into trying to solve the mystery. According to GadgetZZ, someone on Reddit put the audio into a spectrogram and this strange image came out which reads, “You’re already dead.”

People decoding the sound also allegedly found pictures of a woman being tortured embedded in it, as well as GPS coordinates of the White House.

All of this amounts to a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true, and internet commenters have already postulated everything from serial killers to the Illuminati.

GadgetZZ points out that the video first surfaced on the internet in a May post on the ‘paranormal’ board of image sharing community 4chan, where an anonymous poster claims to have found the CD on a park bench.

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