The Internet is torn over whether this is a bear walking upright or a human in a bear costume

Can bears walk on their hind legs?

That’s the question many Reddit readers are currently trying to answer after this GIF of something that appears to be a bipedal bear appeared on the site.

Walking bear gifPlay GIFReddit/ImgurIs this a walking bear, or a man in a bear suit?

“He has good posture,” one person commented.

For doubters, ABC News heard about another bipedal bear ambling around New Jersey, and a reporter tracked it down. Locals told the reporter that the bear, which they have nicknamed Vinny, walks on his two hind legs quite well.

“It’s scary at first but after you’ve seen it a couple times it just becomes weird,” one said of Vinny.

Here are some screenshots from teh ABC News cast of Vinny the bear roaming the streets and woods.

The Daily Mail found full footage of the bear in the original GIF whose authenticity has been questioned.

It looks like he’s a real bear!

Here’s the original video, where you can see the bear get back down on all fours:

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