Know What SMDH Means? Test Your Knowledge Of New Internet Slang

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “What on earth does that even mean?”

It can be hard to keep up with all of the latest Internet slang. In fact, I personally find myself opening up Urban Dictionary several times a day. Even though I consider myself to be “hip” to the Internet, I barely even know what anyone is talking about anymore.

Ready to test your Internet knowledge? Write down your answers in Evernote, a Google Doc, on a piece of paper, or wherever. Answers and definitions are below.

Ready, set, GO!

1. FTW

A) Forget the world!

B) Fly the what!?

C) For the win.

D) Forget the what?!


A) For what it’s worth.

B) Forget where it was.

C) For what it is.

D) For whoever is wondering.

3. TIL

A) This is life.

B) Today I learned.

C) That is life.

D) Then I left.


A) Shut your dog’s mouth.

B) Stop your damn music.

C) Shut your damn mouth.

D) Slow your damn mouse.


A) Shook my darn head.

B) Shake my damn hand.

C) Shaking my damn head.

D) Shaking my damn hand.


A) Rolling on floor laughing.

B) Reading over for later.

C) Read over for later.

D) Really old funny later.

7. TBH

A) To be here.

B) To be honest.

C) Trying better, honestly.

D) Throwback hits.

8. KML

A) Keyhole Markup Language

B) Kiss my lips.

C) Killing myself laughing.

D) Keep me looped.

9. TL;DR

A) Too late; don’t remember.

B) Too long; didn’t read.

C) Too long; daringly radical.

D) Top left; down right.


A) In case you missed it.

B) International Currency Yearly Monetization Index.

C) I can’t yet make it.

D) In case you miss it.

11. OH

A) Ohio

B) Oh, HEY!

C) Oddly heavy.

D) Overheard

12. TBT

A) Throwback Thursday

B) Throwback Tuesday

C) Thursday Throwback

D) Tuesday Throwback

13. FOMO

A) Flying over many oceans.

B) Fear of missing out.

C) Fly over many oceans.

D) Fear of making out.

SPOILER ALERT: Answers below

1. FTW: “For the win.” A way to show your excitement about something.

Example: Snacks in the kitchen FTW!

2. FWIW: “For what it’s worth.” This is basically another way of saying, “in my opinion.”

Example: FWIW, I really don’t like you.

3. TIL: “Today I learned.” This is a very popular acronym used on Reddit. In fact, there’s an entire sub reddit dedicated to it.

Example: TIL that some people are having issues with the new fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S.

4. SYDM: “Shut your damn mouth.” Use this acronym when you don’t like what someone is saying.

Example: Friend #1 via IM: Hey, didn’t you wear that yesterday? Friend #2 via IM: SYDM

5. SMDH: “Shaking my damn head.” This is a great way to convey that you disapprove of something.

Example: My computer just froze. SMDH.

6. ROFL: “Rolling on floor laughing.” When something is absolutely hilarious, and LOL (laughing out loud) just isn’t enough, use ROFL.

Example: Miley Cyrus was twerking on stage. ROFL.

7. TBH: “To be honest.” People tend to use TBH when they’re about to break some bad news.

Example: TBH, you smell pretty horrendous right now.

8. KML: “Killing myself laughing.” Yet another alternative to LOL.

Example: That’s way too funny KML.

9. TL;DR: “Too long; didn’t read,” for when an article is just way too long to read (like this one).

Example: Wow, this [insert publication here] article is just going on and on. TL;DR.

10. ICYMI: “In case you missed it.”

Example: ICYMI, Internet slang is getting out of control.

11. OH: “Overheard.” You’ve probably seen this one on Twitter. People typically use “OH” when they’ve overheard something ridiculous.

Example: OH: “Production Manager: “The Internet going out is like a snow day. They should release us

12. TBT: “Throwback Thursday.” These are some of the best days on the Internet. It’s when people reminisce just because it’s Thursday.

Example: Back in 1999, I was convinced Britney Spears was the cat’s pajamas!!! #TBT

13. FOMO: “Fear of missing out” on a party, social event, or something really awesome.

Example: My FOMO got the best of me, so I went to the party even though I felt super sick.

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