The CME Is Having Some Internet Issues

We’re told from a source that hard lines to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago are down.

Right now, traders only have wireless access, our source said.

However, Twitter user AgMTKS1, who is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, says that the floor wireless has gone down.

“Volumes have been pathetic anyway. A slow day just got slower,” our trader source tells us.

A spokesperson from the CME confirmed that there was a power surge this morning that has impacted the phone and internet for some traders at the Board of Trade North Building at 141 W Jackson Boulevard.

The spokesperson said that trading on CME markets hasn’t been impacted and that they are continuing to look into the situation.

If anyone else knows anything about what’s going on in Chicago, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Here’s what folks on Twitter are saying:

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