Please Help Us Hire An Awesome Industry Analyst (Internet)

Paul Noglows
(A crappy picture of) Paul at the New York Stock Exchange.

We’re starting a cool new industry research service, and we’d love your help in finding some great folks to help folks to help build it.The service will be run by Paul Noglows, a former journalist and Wall Street analyst who ran H&Q’s Internet research practice back in the 1990s. (Since then, Paul has built research businesses for and Lazard and worked for investment-banking boutique MESA).

To be clear: Our service will provide industry intelligence, information, and analysis, not stock recommendations, so folks looking for the latter should proceed on to Wall Street.

If you’re into the Internet industry, and want to help us build an awesome research service that helps professionals make smarter decisions, please reach out to Paul at [email protected].  (And if you know others who might be interested, please forward this on).

Thanks in advance!