Internet Ads To Pass Radio, Mags: Newspapers Next

Well, that was fast. A few months after one research firm forecasted that global Internet ads would surpass radio ads in 2008, another firm is predicting that Internet ads will displace magazine ads in 2010. This will make the Internet the third-largest ad medium. The Guardian reports:

Media planning and buying agency ZenithOptimedia’s global advertising report estimates that in 2010 the internet ad market will be worth almost $61bn (29.5bn), compared with the magazine market at around $60.5bn (29.3bn).

By 2010 the internet will account for 11.5% of global ad spend, trailing just TV, at a 37.5% share, and newspapers with 25.4% of an estimated $530bn (£257bn) total spend, according to Zenith.

The biggest surprise here, of course, is that newspapers still capture 25% of all global ad spending. A large portion of this spending, in our opinion, is based on habit and tradition rather than facts: At some point, we expect, newspaper advertisers will collectively realise that paying up for a display ad that an Internet user definitely sees is better than gambling that newspaper subscribers won’t just deposit whole sections unseen on the back stoop. At which point, the newspaper industry’s troubles will really begin.

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