TV Ad Sellers To Ad Buyers: Don't Even Think About Spending Money On The Web!

Just in time for the network upfronts, which start next week, the Television Bureau of Advertising and Nielsen roll out a study to remind everyone that Americans still spend 53% of their media time in front of the tube.

Not sold on TV ads? Then the study has another nugget for you: When Nielsen asked 1,246 adults which ads were “most persuasive,” only 5.1% said ads on the Internet. That’s a lot lower than TV (69.9%), newspapers (9.5%), and even radio (7.5%).

Of course, most of the ads consumers are exposed to on the Web are crappy, low CPM ads anyway. And we’ll point out again who’s sponsoring this study: TV advertisers.

But we bet that there’s likely an underlying truth here: Consumers have become hardened to the barrage of commercial messages they’re served on the Web. None of this, though, solves TV’s fundamental problem: That it has been losing viewers over time, and that the trend is certain to accelerate.

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