America's First Internet Addiction centre Opens Near Seattle

Rehab has never been this geeky. America’s first internet/gaming addiction centre is here. It’s located in Fall City, Wash., not far from Microsoft’s headquarters, and is called reSTART, says TechFlash.

The 45-day program at the 6-bed, family-style retreat costs $14,500 and is not covered by insurance.

The reSTART Web site lists symptoms of internet/gaming addiction, like increasing amounts of time spent on computer and internet activities

, craving more time on the computer and internet

, physical changes such as weight gain or loss, backaches, headaches, carple tunnel syndrome.

reSTART says presence of 3-4 of the symptoms suggest abuse, and 5 or more suggest addiction. So, most people we know are addicts.

To those who are discouraged by scary stories of China’s internet rehab centres — relax, this one seems different.

NorthWest Cable News reports an account of reSTART’s first patient, Ben Alexander, who was addicted to World of Warcraft. Before entering the dark realms of the Outland, Ben used to be interested in biology and animals. So he now takes care of goats, chickens, and other animals on the rehab facility.

Image: mandiberg

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