International Travellers Are Relying On Mobiles And Free WiFi To Discover Australia

Tourism Australia

The vast majority of international travellers to Australia are finding their way around, discovering new destinations and attractions using their mobile devices and access to free WiFi.

The International Visitor Survey by Tourism Research Australia for the year ending June 2014 has revealed increased accessibility to free WiFi has seen a rise in international visitors accessing the internet while in Australia, up 13% to 4.8 million.

This figure represents 78% of the record-breaking 6.1 million international visitors to Australia.

The internet was accessed most commonly by travellers using smart phones (up 43% to 3.3 million) and iPads (up 34% to 1.2 million).

The number of overseas visitors using a netbook or laptop to access the net were down 3% to 1.8 million and those jumping online via a PC at their accommodation was even lower, down 23% to 753,000.

A whopping number of international travellers obtained maps (83%) from the internet in order to get around, while others used the world wide web to find information guides for destinations and attractions (44%), restaurant guides (37%), event guides (21%) and language translations (16%).

Surprisingly, just 53% of international travellers down under used social media to share their travel experiences online.

Here are some interesting infographics from the International Visitor Survey 2014.

International trip spend increased by 7% to $30.1 billion - the highest spend ever recorded

The number of visitors from China has increased by 11%

21% of visitors travel to Australia for educational purposes

Tasmania only attracts 162,274 visitors

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