How Easy Capital, High-Speed Web Access And Innovation Will Change The World

We all talk about how the world is getting smaller. The economy is now global and friendships and communities cross borders. This is certainly true but when it comes to digital media, some markets are unquestionably more advanced than others. I recently had the pleasure of spending a week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, meeting with clients and keynoting the Digital Age 2.0 conference. I was impressed with the culture – an approach to business that reflects openness to new technology and ideas, and an eagerness to adopt new business models.

I was also saddened by the dichotomy between rich and poor. In a city of 15 million, there is tremendous opportunity for economic growth and prosperity — especially when it comes to the digital marketplace. Brazil has an opportunity to leapfrog in this industry and avoid the mistakes made in North America.  

At the Digital Age conference I was invited to speak about the New, New Paradigm: How new devices, technology and mass portability will impact consumer behaviour and what marketers can do to engage with consumers in this new reality. It was an opportunity for me to provide a global overview of the mobile marketplace, review a number of the trends we are seeing, and explore how touch screens will dramatically change the way in which we all interact with technology, each other and brands. I also touched on what it means to be a brand in this new paradigm and how we can all prepare for the challenges that await us.

As I look ahead, I see that our industry is in the midst of profound change.  Current market conditions indicate that we should expect massive evolution in everything we thought we knew.  As media and technology are intersecting and fusing, we are seeing completely new consumption behaviours.  Consumers are not only expecting, but demanding, more from brands, publishers, and the interface with which they engage. There is a perfect storm brewing that will bring rapid change, including but not limited to:

–          Ubiquitous High-Speed Access  is now available to nearly everyone

–          Global Technology Innovation is happening faster than ever before

–          Entrepreneurs are fearless and willing to try anything

–          Capital is available and it gives entrepreneurs access to smarter money to build faster

–          Products can scale to millions of consumers at an accelerated pace

–          We are witnessing an unprecedented fusion of Technology and Design

When considering the appetite of consumers, their expectation for faster/better and the reality of the above advancement, it is no wonder that consumption, behaviours and technology are evolving at a break-neck speed.  

We must all realise that in digital advertising and publishing the only constant is change.  I’ve written here about the challenges of advertising and media on the PC and the fragmentation caused by mobile devices, but what will we do when every device is touch enabled?  When advertising is presented as content within a tablet, smartTV, physical desktop (not the PC kind) or any other connected device from your toaster to your alarm clock?  It is incumbent upon us to simplify these experiences, be mindful of the consumer and work aggressively as an industry to make it easier — not harder — for marketers to purchase and deploy highly engaging digital advertising. This is no easy task but together we can do it. What do you think?

The views expressed here reflect the views of the author alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of 24/7 Media, its affiliates, subsidiaries or its parent company, WPP plc.


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