REPORT: There's An 'Urgent' Situation On International Space Station After Cooling System Fails

International Space StationUrthecastThe International Space Station

There is an “urgent” situation aboard the International Space Station, NBC News’ Tom Costello is reporting.

The spacecraft’s cooling system has reportedly failed.

The crew is safe, and the situation isn’t an emergency yet, according to Costello. NASA is evaluating the situation.

A space walk might be needed to fix the problem, but NASA is hoping that a software fix will take care of it.

A glitch might have caused the cooling system shutdown, according to CBS Evening News.

In May, when the station was leaking ammonia that served as a coolant, wrote about how the cooling system works. It pumps fluid through pipes to keep the spacecraft’s electricity-generating solar panels cool.

It’s unclear if the current failure is related to the leak in May.

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