These stunning contest-winning landscape photos show the Earth in ways you've ever seen it

The Australia-based International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest may still be relatively new — 2015 is only the second year that it’s been around — but the photos that make up the top 101 are shots of the planet as stunning as we’ve ever seen.

Each photographer submits a portfolio of photos from the past year.

The organisers of the competition have compiled the top 101 into a free eBook, which can be downloaded here.

Scroll down to check out a selection of the winning images (we’ve left photos as they were originally cropped).

Wilderness photographer Luke Tscharke of Sydney, Australia, won the single-image portion of the contest with this shot.

Will Dielenberg of Australia won the 'Aerial award' for this shot from above.

Warren Keelan from Australia took third place for both the International Landscape Photographer of the Year and the International Landscape Photograph of the Year with this shot from his portfolio.

Keelan's work focuses on the ever-changing landscape of the sea. Here are a few more of his mesmerising wave images.

'The Snow & Ice Award' went to Jon Martin of the United Kingdom.

Thierry Bornier of China won 'The Abstract Award' with this shot.

Ricardo Da Cunha from Australia was the runner-up International Landscape Photographer of the Year with the portfolio of images below.

Luke Austin of Perth won the 'Photographer of the Year' contest with this portfolio of four images.

Austin was also the runner-up for the single-shot International Landscape Photograph of the Year here.

Gunar Streu of Sweden won the 'Mist & Fog Award.'

Grant Galbraith of Australia won the 'The Long Exposure Award' for this waterfall shot.

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