INTERNAL APPLE PRESENTATION: We Don't Have What Consumers Want

Thanks to Apple’s lawsuit with Samsung, we’re getting to see a lot of internal emails and presentations that were never meant to go public.

The newest documents show big trouble for the iPhone business.

According to slides picked up at 9to5Mac and Re/Code, Apple says that smartphone growth is all coming from phones that cost less than $US300, and are bigger than 4-inches. Apple offers a phone that has a 4-inch screen, and it costs $US650.

There are a lot of reports that say Apple is planning a bigger iPhone for this year. This slide explains why Apple is going to do it. It’s what customers want, and Apple doesn’t have it.

Will Apple do a cheaper phone? We doubt it, but maybe it would slash the price of the iPhone 5C and sell it around the world.

Here’s the presentation slides:

Apple Fy 14 Planning

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