What It's Like To Intern At Hot Silicon Valley Startup Flipboard

What’s it like to intern at a big-name startup in Silicon Valley?

The Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Fellows Program hires design and engineering students from across the nation and places them in its portfolio companies. KPCB companies include Flipboard, Chegg, Groupon and Nest.

The firm says thousands of applicants apply to the program. One of this year’s fellows, Amrit Mazumder, is a graphic design student at the Rhode Island School of Design.

He scored a position at Flipboard and shared some of what his summer has been like with Business Insider.

Amrit found this great house in Palo Alto for his summer internship.

Not only is it in a quiet neighbourhood, it's also only a 10 minute walk from Flipboard's office.

A quick coffee in the morning lets the interns get some bonding time in before work ramps up.

Things get hectic in the Design department once the work day begins.

Even as an intern, Amrit gets to work on aspects of Flipboard's Android app that millions of people will see.

Flipboard gives its interns plenty of ways to make big contributions to the company. Here they are brainstorming new features for the app.

Flipboard's design process is very iterative. Notes are taken on each version and they constantly strive to find better ways of presenting stories.

The interns regularly go out together for lunch. Here's their favourite burrito joint by the office.

Going out to lunch also gives him a chance to talk to his mentor, Flipboard designer Didier Hilhorst.

After getting back to the office, Amrit met with the head of design, Marcos Weskamp, to talk about how their new designs flow together.

Flipboard tries to organise treats for its employees each week, whether it's going out for ice cream or hosting an in-office desert bar

Even Flipboard CEO Mike McCue comes out with the group.

Another perk? Getting to try out the latest technology like Google Glass.

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