Here's One Brilliant Interior Design Plan For NYC's New 'Micro Apartments'

Making Room Unit Museum of the City of New York

Photo: Photography by John Halpern, Courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York

What is it about tiny, transforming homes that has the design world so captivated?The “micro-unit” trend got another boost today when Mayor Bloomberg revealed the winning design for New York City’s first 300-square-foot apartments.

Far from appearing claustrophobic, the design calls for big windows, ample storage space, and spacious balconies. But interior design is as important as the layout; from pull-down beds to multi-use chairs, it is literally what is inside these micro-apartments that counts.

In a new exhibit, the Museum of the City of New York looks at the most innovative design solutions for tiny living spaces, as well as real-world examples pioneered in other cities around the world.

The exhibit includes a full-scale micro-apartment that visitors can walk through. It was designed and furnished by Clei s.r.l. and Resource Furniture alongside Architecture by Amie Gross Architects, and features transforming, practical pieces that may become standard in future tiny-homes.

Here's the typical micro-apartment living room with TV, couch, and shelves.

A closer look at the shelves and TV. The white storage closet on the left opens up to become a desk. The chair next to it unfolds to become a working ladder.

The TV slides away to unveil access to glasses and bar equipment.

The bed pulls down to rest on the couch and hanging shelf. The couch pillows can then be placed on the bed, or hidden in the couch's storage.

A roll-out table and convertible chairs creates a dining room in a snap.

The table also serves as storage in the kitchen.

The bathroom mirror and sink also have hidden storage options so you can get the most out of your living space.

Now see it all in action.

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