Interior Decorators Have Discovered An Unlikely New Client Base

Bachelor Pad 1

Photo: Zillow

Bachelor pads might represent freedom for some, but to divorced men, they can be lonely, barren places.In an interesting piece for The New York Times, Emily Weinstein writes that more and more divorced (primarily heterosexual) men are hiring interior decorators to take care of their homemaking.

The reasons are, for the most part, two-fold. For men who are fathers, they want “to make the transition as smooth as possible for their children,” Weinstein writes. And because they are newly single, they want their new digs to appeal to a potential mate (men are more likely to move out of the family home than women.) 

So how are decorators catering to this growing client base?

“You need to have places to have sex other than the bed,” one designer said, explaining her philosophy of home decoration.

And most men, especially those who are essentially “starting from scratch,” tend to want leather chairs, flat-screen TVs, big bath towels, and wet bars.

And the divorced male market could get even bigger: Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at John Hopkins, told Weinstein that since 2008, divorce rates have dropped. But he predicts they’ll pick up once the economy gets back on track, just as they did after the Great Depression.

Now take a look at this stunning bachelor pad Esquire set up in Brooklyn >

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