Consumer Interest In The Apple Watch Has Been Steadily Declining Since September

We’re only a few months away from Apple releasing the Apple Watch, its first major product in the post-Steve Jobs era.

Apple announced the watch in September, and said it would be out in early 2015. People still have no idea what to think of the watch.

Apple analyst Gene Munster published the results of survey of 968 iPhone owners, asking them if they were interested in buying an Apple Watch. Only 7% of those polled want a watch, and that number has been declining since September:

Munster thinks these numbers suggest Apple sells 10 million Apple watches in year one. Munster says the consensus is at 12-15 million units. But we’ve seen¬†analysts in the 20-30 million unit range. Basically, estimates are all over the place.

The Apple Watch announcement was a big erratic. Apple didn’t really give a solid reason for anyone to buy one. It didn’t give a real price. It only said it started at $US350. It didn’t say where it ended. People haven’t been able to see the watch in person and decide.¬†

Whenever Apple finally decides to release the watch, we expect a second press event. We expect the message will be honed. And we expect a monster marketing budget to get people excited about buying a watch from Apple.

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