This 8-Person Startup Is Quietly Providing Key Support For New York's Tech Scene

Manny Ruiz

While most of the glory in the startup world is thrown at the people out in front making consumer products, there’s a startup in New York that’s doing the dirty work to keep other companies up and running.

Manny Ruiz’s Intelligent IT provides the virtual backbone to some of New York’s hottest startups, such as Tremor Video and Lot 18.

The company lifted off in 2008. Now the firm’s original four full-time principals, with the help of some part-timers, service the back end of several companies.

Clients of Intelligent IT operate more efficiently on its cloud-based IT solutions, which rely on software from companies like Google. Manny describes the state of his company as a “beautiful infancy.” Intelligent IT took off last year after it began to market itself seriously, and it’s not slowing down.

Manny couldn’t reveal the companies they’re in negotiations with, but it’s certain that whole chunks of your web and mobile experience will run smoothly thanks to Manny and co.

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