Intelligence Report Says It Is 'Probable' Nauru Staff Were Coaching Asylum Seekers Against Australia

The island of Nauru. Photo: Getty Images

The Federal government has called for an independent investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against asylum seekers on the island of Nauru.

The review will also consider the findings of an intelligence report that said it was “probable” Save The Children aid workers were coaching asylum seekers into manufacturing evidence to pursue a political and ideological agenda against Australia, Fairfax Media reported.

Earlier today, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said 10 Save the Children staff would be removed from the island.

“I have been provided with reports indicating that staff of service providers at the Nauru centre have been allegedly engaged in a broader campaign with external advocates to seek to cast doubt on the government’s border protection policies,” Mr Morrison said.

“The matters that have been brought to my attention are concerning, certainly the allegations of sexual misconduct are abhorrent and I would be horrified to think that things of that nature have taken place.”

Save The Children fired back against the claims and defended their staff, saying they had not received the intelligence report.

“We take these allegations very seriously but we reject in the strongest possible terms that our staff have fabricated stories of abuse or encourage self-harm,” a Save The Children spokesperson said.

The review will be led by former integrity commissioner Phillip Moss.

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