A promotional video from Intel showed an unreleased black Microsoft Surface Book

Surface Book BlackIntel/YouTubeA render of the black Surface Book.

A new video from Intel’s official YouTube channel showed what seems to be an all-black version of Microsoft’s Surface Book.

Microsoft only offers the Book in a silver coloration, so this could either be just a rendering or a first look at an updated model.

Intel’s video is about its latest-generation chips, after all, which may well be featured inside a refreshed Surface Book.

Microsoft first launched the device in 2015, and then updated it last autumn, so a new model is expected for 2017.

The new processors from Intel are still built on the architecture of the 7th-gen Kaby Lake, but feature a claimed 40% speed improvements over their predecessors.

The Core i7, Intel’s highest-end chip, has been included in the update, and considering that the Surface Book is Microsoft’s most powerful computer it would make sense to release a new model with the most recent, top-of-the-line chip.

There is no indication on a precise date as of yet, but you can expect Microsoft to refresh its hardware lineup some time at a dedicated event in the coming months.

You can also watch Intel’s full video down below.

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