Intel Has Computers That Know When You're Having A Bad Day

The latest tech industry leader to join the 3D trend, Intel’s new project takes the third dimension in a different direction. The company calls its new technology RealSense and says, among other things, it can read human emotions, BetaBeat reports.

Intel has been talking about RealSense for a while, and even launched a dedicated YouTube channel for the technology. But this is the first time RealSense has seemed like anything more than Xbox Kinect for desktops. Now, it seems to have feeling.

Or at least it can sense yours. This week Intel showed off a bunch of its new quirks to a small group of press in New York City, BetaBeat says. The RealSense 3D cameras will be able to sense basic human emotions like happiness, sadness, and even frustration and exhaustion, by analysing the shape of lips, eyes, and cheeks, a Intel spokesperson Ellen Healy told Business Insider in an email.

Healy explained with 1080p resolution and high quality depth sensors, the RealSense 3D cameras can remove backgrounds, perform 3D scans, and recognise 10-finger gestures. Intel also had a robot at the New York City demonstration, claiming that it too would have 3D sensing tech, BetaBeat said.

“People have 3D sensing, so the robot should have 3D sensing like us,” CTO of perceptual computing Achin Bhowmik told BetaBeat. “It will recognise you, read your emotions. ‘Why are you sad today? Should I sing you a song?’ The future is crazy.”

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