Intel: Tablets Won’t Hurt Notebook Sales (Much)

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[credit provider=”Leif K-Brooks”]

Intel executives think tablet computers are an “incremental device” that won’t have much impact on sales of notebook PCs.Speaking to investors in London this morning, Intel CFO Stacy Smith said that tablets aren’t as good as notebooks for content creation, aren’t as secure, and have mostly been bought so far by affluent individuals — not the mass market or corporations.

At most, Smith predicts, tablet sales will be around 100 million in 2013, with one-third of them replacing potential PC sales. Even then, that means 11% annualized growth in the traditional PC market.

Even Apple is seeing sales of MacBooks grow faster than iPads.

Intel’s European chief Christian Morales said that tablets still aren’t selling even as well as netbooks — which are way down from last year — and probably won’t surpass them until the last quarter of 2011. He also noted that the only tablet selling very well right now is Apple’s iPad.

In other words, maybe this tablet thing is just a fad.