Intel Said Nothing About Smartphones Or Tablets At CES


Sometimes it’s more revealing what companies don’t say.

At its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show today, Intel talked a lot about Sandy Bridge, its new line of PC chips with on-board graphics processors, which will offer better graphics performance, as well as Intel Insider–a built-in copy protection so movie companies will become more willing to stream high-definition movies to the PC.

What was missing? Any talk of Intel’s effort to build a bigger presence in smartphones and tablets, most of which are powered by chips designed by Intel rival ARM. That’s revealing, given that the company recently formed a special group devoted to improving Intel’s presence in these areas.

Intel exec Mooly Eden claimed that despite all the hype about tablets and smartphones, a Consumer Electronics Survey showed that more users wanted a new PC for Christmas. Perhaps, but sounds a bit like wishful thinking.

Intel also promised that the company would have more to say about its smartphone strategy at the Mobile World Congress in February. But what about tablets, the hottest item at CES this year? Nada, according to this transcript from CNET. That doesn’t bode well for the hardware half of the old Wintel duopoly.

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