Intel teams up with 'Shark Tank' producer for a new TV show promoting its button-sized computer

Intel Curie ModuleIntelIntel CEO Brian Krzanich holding the Curie chip.

Intel has been making a push into connected devices lately, and now it’s going to promote those devices using a reality TV show.

On Tuesday, Intel announced a partnership with Turner and Mark Burnett, the famed producer behind hit reality shows “Shark Tank” and “Survivor,” to produce a new TV show called “America’s Greatest Makers.”

The goal of the show, which will air on Turner-subsidiary TBS starting next year, is to create “the next big wearable or smart-connected device,” according to Variety.

Intel has a tiny, button-sized chip called Curie, which is intended for use in wearbale or smart-connected devices, and the new TV show will feature devices built with it. Turner is also expected to launch a strong advertising campaign of the show across its media platform, including TNT, CNN, and Bleacher Report.

Burnett’s team is reported to have been working with Intel and Turner for months for the new show. The format of the show is unknown at this point, but Burnett told Variety, “This is much more than just a linear TV series. This is the next evolution of storytelling, told simultaneously across many platforms and in many different ways.”

The Curie module, first revealed at the CES earlier this year, can be used in devices to track steps or remotely control machines. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has showcased its capabilities several times, including at an event in April and today at the Intel Developer Forum, where he gesture-controlled spider robots.

Intel has been trying to diversify its revenue stream, which has historically been skewed towards the PC division. The Internet of Things unit, which includes all wearable-related products, is still a tiny part of its overall business, only generating $US559 million in sales last quarter, out of the total $US13.1 billion quarterly revenue.

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