This Is Intel’s Crazy New Android Concept Phone That Has Everyone Drooling

intel android medfield smartphone concept

[credit provider=”Intel”]

It looks like Intel finally woke up and decided to get into the mobile game.The company, which doesn’t have the best track record of making power-friendly mobile devices, has developed a new concept phone and tablet built around its new “Medfield” processor.

Technology Review was lucky enough to get their hands on the prototypes, and they were very impressed. Here’s what they learned:

  • It can play Blu-Ray quality HD video and stream it to a TV over Wi-Fi.
  • It can shoot 10 photos at 8 MP in a “burst mode,” at 15 photos per second.
  • The prototype phone looked a lot like the iPhone 4S, but was a bit lighter thanks to its plastic body.
  • The concept tablet had the same Medfield chip and ran Ice Cream Sandwich. It had a larger screen than the iPad 2, but was about the same thickness and weight.
  • Intel claims its phone will be faster than the top smartphones out there now, yet have much more efficient power consumption.

  • The first device from Intel should launch in the first half of 2012.

If these initial tests hold true, that’s very exciting for Android fans. Right now, chips from Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Texas Instruments have been dominating smartphones. But Intels new Medfield could look very attractive to manufacturers next year.
It’s possible Intel will show off its new concept at CES next month, so stay tuned for our coverage![Via Android Community]