Intel And Microsoft Start Blaming Each Other For Completely Whiffing On Tablets

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Here’s more evidence of a rift between Microsoft and Intel over tablets: last night an Intel exec told CNET that Intel and PC makers like Dell have been trying to get Microsoft to tailor Windows for touch-screen tablets for years, with no luck.

Microsoft meets with PC makers all the time, and these kinds of requests and complaints are common. But they’re usually kept well out of the public eye. But Microsoft’s big announcement that it’s making the next version of Windows work on ARM chips seems to have touched a nerve with Intel, which recently formed a new product group to try and get its chips into more tablets.

Why has Microsoft been so slow? Because revamping Windows for different types of devices is expensive and time-consuming, and Windows revenue has been growing just fine without this kind of work. Tablets only become a problem for Microsoft when non-Windows tablets start cutting into Windows PC sales. That’s starting to happen now, which is why Microsoft is finally taking notice.

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