Intel Denies Report Of Future iPhone With Intel Chip

That report in which Intel Germany boss Hannes Schwaderer says a future version of Apple’s iPhone will use his Atom chip? Not true, Intel now tells ZDNet Germany, which published the initial report yesterday. Our translation courtesy of Christian Hoeferle.

Intel (Germany) MD Schwaderer denies ZDnet report on future iPhones
Intel is denying its MD’s quotes in yesterday’s ZDnet report on future versions of Apple’s iPhone. Hannes Schwaderer, who leads Intel’s operations in Germany, points out he had only made general remarks on possible Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) that were not explicitly aimed at the iPhone. He merely mentioned Apple’s smartphone in this context as one typical example of a small device that lets user connect to the Internet. “Intel does not know about future products of third party manufacturers and cannot comment on those,” Intel spokesman Mike Cato told

Will Intel (INTC) chips be in future versions of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, iPod, or other portable gadgets? It’s possible. Would the CEO of Intel Germany know about Apple’s specific plans several months (or years) in advance? Less likely.

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