Intel Beats The Street


Strong results from Intel (INTC), which topped analyst expectations for both Q1 revenue and profit in earnings today.

No formal guidance from the chip-maker, but Intel says: “For internal purposes, the company is currently planning for revenue approximately flat to the first quarter.” If Intel generates another $7.1 Billion in revenue for Q2, that’s a bit above the $7.05 Billion consensus.

Microprocessor shipments were lower this quarter, but not as low as feared. The company also credited a reduced tax burden with boosting profit.

The market remained unimpressed with Intel’s numbers, shares in INTC were down 0.4% after hours.

Key Stats:

Q1 Revenue: $7.1 Billion, vs $6.98 Billion analyst consensus
Q1 EPS: $0.11, vs $0.03 analyst consensus

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