Insurgents Blow Up 22 NATO Trucks On A Crucial Land Route Into Afghanistan


Photo: AP

20-two NATO supply vehicles were destroyed early Wednesday morning when the Taliban detonated a bomb on a fuel tanker and then opened fire on other NATO supply trucks, reports Amir Shah of AP. The vehicles – part of a convoy transporting fuel and other goods south into Afghanistan from Uzbekistan – were parked as the truckers rested. 

That makes 25 NATO supply vehicles destroyed this week after insurgents successfully attacked three vehicles south of Kabul a few days ago.

Al-Akhbar reports that the Taliban has vowed to target the supply routes (shown here by the Washington Post), which are critical for the flow of fuel, armament and provisions for coalition forces.

Pakistan re-opened its border crossings On July 4 after blocking NATO supply trucks for seven months in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on November 26.

Yesterday thousands of Pakistanis staged a sit-in at one of the main border crossings to protest the government’s decision to re-open the routes.  

The border closure resulted in an additional estimated expense of about $100 million per month to U.S. taxpayers.

As Craig Whitlock and Karen DeYoung of the Post explained on July 4, NATO will confront a “mammoth logistical challenge” when winding down the war as “military logisticians are preparing to bring home 100,000 shipping containers stuffed with materiel and 50,000 wheeled vehicles by the end of 2014.”

But for now the challenge lies in supplying the troops that are still fighting.

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