Insurance Company Sent An Umbrella As A Gift To Cheer Up A Flood Victim

Tom Orpin is one unhappy customer.

His home in Bundaberg, Queensland, was flooded in January, leaving the lower level of the house uninhabitable. Nine people have had to share the three-bedroom upper level.


He contacted his insurer, Youi, to make a claim.

They sent him an umbrella in the mail with a note saying: “We hope it comes in handy.”

Orpin told the News-Mail: “I pulled it out and here’s a fricken umbrella.”

“I was ropeable – that is the lowest kick in the guts I’ve ever had in my life.”

Youi has claimed it sent four umbrellas to claimants and received two complaints and two compliments in response. A company spokesman, Trevor Devitt, said the umbrella was linked to a separate insurance claim involving Orpin’s car and not his ruined home.

Devitt told Business Insider he called Orpin personally an offered him an “unreserved apology”.

The company would no longer be sending out umbrellas.

Orpin said: “If half your house burnt down, they’d probably send you a brick or a box of matches.”

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