Institutional Trading Platform Yieldbroker Is Moving Into The ASX's Technology Centre


Electronic trading platform Yieldbroker has moved into the ASX’s high-speed data centre in Gore Hill, to be closer to its customers and partners.

Yieldbroker is the first non-ASX liquidity venue to move into the exchange’s Australian Liquidity Centre. A spokesperson said it was in the process of moving out of one of “two of Sydney’s largest data centres”, with the other facility to remain as a secondary site.

About 100 parties trade on Yieldbroker, including 22 banks, the Australian Office of Financial Management, New Zealand Debt Management Office and various state government issuing authorities.

The ASX spent some $36.5 million building the ALC in 2011. CIO Tim Thurman told a conference last year that it hoped to become a technology provider to market participants and rival exchanges like Chi-X.

For market participants, having IT systems within the ALC means information has to travel a shorter distance to the ASX’s trade matching engines – and any others hosted within the centre – so they can send and receive data more quickly.

CMC Markets, CIMB, ABN AMRO, Bloomberg, Macquarie Group, UBS, Nomura, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse also have systems within the ALC.

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