Take A Look At Instapaper's Fancy New Makeover

instapaper ipad version 4

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Instapaper got a big overhaul on the iPhone an iPad today, bringing a new design and several more options for managing your library of synced articles.Some of the biggest changes include: A new list of apps that sync with Instapaper, Wikipedia search within articles, and a new reader view on the iPhone.

We took the app for a spin on iPhone and iPad this morning. Check out what’s new.

If you don’t have Instapaper yet, you can download it for $4.99 from the App Store.

Here's the new login page for Instapaper on the iPad

This is the new view for the articles you've marked to read later. It has a nice newspaper-y feel to it.

Same goes for the Editor's picks of popular stories around the web

Now you can highlight a word and look it up in either the dictionary or Wikipedia without leaving Instapaper

Now the trash can icon gives you the option to archive or delete an article. Before, you could only archive. (We've been dying for this option!)

We really like that Instapaper now has a directory of apps that sync with the service. Browse around, and you'll be taken to each app's page in the App Store.

The new search function lets you search through all your archived articles for quick access. It's a premium service that'll cost you $1 per month.

Here's the new view when reading an article on your iPhone. We like that the taskbar is gone from the top of the screen.

Now check out another long awaited iPad update

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