INSTANT MBA: Your Opinion Isn't The Only One That Matters

Photo: MarketSmith1/ YouTube

Today’s advice comes from MarketSmith president Scott O’Neil via Smart Business:“It’s impossible for an individual to be an expert in numerous different fields. If you have a team and it’s a high-calibre team and there are experts in various fields, you are significantly stronger as an entity.”

O’Neil who runs MarketSmith, an investment research service, says that before launching a product, you should get as much feedback from other people as possible, including  those who are outside your circle and have different experiences and areas of expertise.

Once you decide to ask for people’s input, it’s crucial that you really consider what they’ve said, even if it goes against what you expected or if the feedback isn’t positive. O’Neil says that leaders who establish that kind of culture will see positive results in their staff.

“That boosts morale and gives them tremendous energy to really want to accomplish something. Then of course, the person that sits next to them sees that person and they say, ‘Gee, coach. Give me the football and let me run.'”

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