INSTANT MBA: You Don’t Need To Know Exactly Who Your Customers Are

Gabriela Herman

[credit provider=”Tze Chun”]

Today’s advice comes from Tze Chun, serial entrepreneur, professional dancer and founder of Uprise Art :“Have an idea of who your customers are before you launch, but understand that you may not gain success with those customers and you may gain unexpected success with a couple of different demographics.”

After Chun graduated from Columbia University in 2006 with a dual degree in Art and Dance, she founded Tze Chun Dance Company (TCDC) and toured with the company around the world. This was the second company she founded after having launched a wildly successful mixology and bartending company while she was still enrolled at CU. In September 2011 she returned to visual arts and launched Uprise Art, an online contemporary art gallery and art collectors club.

Chun said she started Uprise Art, a platform that offers members the ability to buy art from a select group of artists for cheap, with a very specific customer in mind: Young New Yorkers working in finance and law. She predicted this demographic would have nice apartments that needed decorating, but wouldn’t have the resources or knowledge artists have to seek out great art. What she didn’t expect was the broader audience her business attracted and is now thriving on—devoted members and workers in the art

“Don’t plan too much. You never really know what your product or your service or your business will be and your customers really help you determine that.”

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