INSTANT MBA: Regular Employees Are As Important (Or More) Than Managers

selino lo ruckus

Photo: johnchiala on YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Ruckus Wireless CEO Selina Lo’s interview in the New York Times: “I decided that I would accept things that I never would be good at, and I would hire people who were good at the things I’m not good at, so that I can focus on what I’m good at.

Lo headed to Ruckus Wireless after a stint at HP, and says she’s thrived thanks to the startup environment at her new post. She’s able to oversee an environment that’s more fluid, free-flowing, and less political. Plus, she’s assembled a team of entrepreneurial employees who are eager to take on whatever tasks can further projects.

And that enthusiastic spirit is what she looks for in prospective employees. She likes when they relish working in a “grey area” with a job description that isn’t fixed, and even says managers at Ruckus Wireless shouldn’t expect the workers they oversee to earn less than managers do. 

Skilled workers in more hands-on positions are as vital to the continued success of a business as their managers, she says, and should be rewarded.

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