INSTANT MBA: Too Much Teamwork Can Kill Creativity

John Baldoni

Photo: YouTube/jbaldoni52

Today’s advice comes from John Baldoni, president of Baldoni Consulting via his column for Inc.

“Teamwork is essential to organizational success but too much teamwork can be deadly.” 

This is because it encourages the establishment of collectivism and group think. Instead of coming up with a variety of different and unique ideas, the team unites and don’t come up with as many ideas. 

Instead, Baldoni says teamwork should be a collaboration which allows team members to incorporate their individual point of view. 

“The challenge for leaders is to balance individual needs with team directives. To do so they must avoid collectivism and facilitate collaboration.”

“The secret to effective collaboration is individuality. You want everyone on the team to feel free to contribute ideas to a project as a means of instilling ownership and therefore increase engagement.  That does not mean that every idea that anyone says goes but it does mean people can contribute their brains as well as their brawn.”

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